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Excerpts from the Book Titled: Checker Kings in Action (By Tom Wiswell and Millard Hopper; David McKay Company, Inc. New York 17; 1952; Kingsport Press, Inc., Kingsport, Tennessee)
The Big Four (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position) "The first position" is the worst position!
"Some checker players are seeded; others are seedy."
Checker Psychology: You must see through the player as well as the play!"
Checkers is King of Games
Penny Wise-Pound Foolish
Some players would rather be a piece up -and a game down, than a piece down and game up!
"Heaven in another world is all right, but important, too, is a little of life, comradeship, creation, fulfillment, achievement, joy, happiness everyday."
Howard S. Braucher
Ain't It the Truth?
I live for checkers
I cannot eat,
But when I play
I still get beat!
It's Later Than You Think
All work and no (checkers) play makes John (or Hucabuck...hehe) a dull boy!
Big shots are just little shots who kept on shooting!
A Rugged Game
Checkers is not exhausting-but tournament players often are!
When you play in "fast company," play slowly!
Louis Burt
You can't win every game - but win every game you can.
I consider it a foolish notion of some writers to rank chess as the master of all games. In my opinion, chess, draughts, and Polish draughts are upon an equality.
James Wyllie
A Great Record
Henry Christie, of England, playing against the greatest checker team of all time (Gonotsky, Banks, Long, Lieber, Ginsberg, Reynolds, O'Grady, Bradford, Horr, Lieberman, Hanson, and Heffner) made the remarkable score of 1-2-37draws! For such a fine score against this formidable aggregation Christie is entitled to a niche in the Checker Hall of Fame (2nd International Match, 1927)
Rail Splitter and Wood Pusher
Lincoln played checkers in the White House, when relaxing from the cares of war and politics!