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cous> Don it is great for the way u promote the game Some of old masters wouldn't play us scrubs
wgober> don is a good man
omo> I have not seen any scrubs this morning
wgober> 30-25 wasn't too good
wgober> hehe, i give
wgober> thanks for playing me omo
omo> it surely has been nice visiting with you wayne and all
wgober> i didn't make it to the endgame
omo> hope to see all of you later
wgober> you too
cous> thank u
omo> you made some very good moves especially in our first game
omo> it has been nice visiting with you justin and all
jgober> thank you for the games
wgober> you too don, you are sure a fine man, thanks
omo> justin, you played the first game like a champion and made some good moves in the 2nd
omo> justin, just keep on playing and I predict very soon you will have us all on the run!
boycott> hi leo
lardhead> which one is the best player ?
llion> Richard Fortman's monographs called Basic Checkers are good, but they are not instructional
llion> Hi
lardhead> how is the best way to learn to play checkers?
spiritgirl> hmm....*scratches her head*
spiritgirl> find good people to leo...:))
llion> play good players and study basic lines
spiritgirl> basic lines like the cross:))
lardhead> i have a few books, but i don't know what the basic lines are?
llion> for go-as u please
lardhead> there is so much, i don't know where to start
llion> its a problem nowadays
llion> Fortman's Basic Checkers is a good summary
llion> He is also a good man to ask, since he has an extensive library
lardhead> i don't have that
llion> get it
lardhead> study all of it, memeorize it or what
llion> UNDERSTAND it
llion> learn the ideas by trying all the alternatives
llion> its not easy
llion> I never play this
omo> me either
omo> I am already at sea
llion> you can't jump me if i go to the sides
omo> lol
omo> but, you know what you are doing!
llion> ?
jbyrns> u guys have a big crowd watchin
omo> I wanted to go 6-10 and let you go 13-9
omo> I do not like this
atuck> this could get ugly
atuck> hehe
llion> would I do that?
omo> I feel like I am being led to the slaughter like a turkey! that I am!!
llion> ha
jbyrns> hey dave?
dgreen> yes
jbyrns> this reminds me of you & me playin for blood hehe
dgreen> yes it does John.heh.heh
omo> looks like a draw llion
llion> draw
omo> yes
llion> whew
atuck> good playing
omo> nice playing llion
dgreen> nice game.