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To thine own self be true: "An honorable game requires an honorable person. In the game zone there two types of checkerplayers..honorable and those who use computer programs. Those who use computer programs have no honor. When they play checkers they expect the same recognition as those who have honor. Sad statement about computer program technology and human be it. Play whomever...if you win on your own talent you are a great example of a person with integrity. If you lose try's fun." Boycott
"Two Cardinal Rules of the game which will not only help raise the standard of the player but to elevate the standard of the game as well. They are: Avoid all boasting and talking about your skill. Lose with good sportmanship and win with modesty and silence."
Millard Hopper.
An Invitation to Checkers:1940, page 179.
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Thank you for visiting boycott's homepage. Come back again...I will try to publish exciting games that illustrate the excitement of checkers and share the humor that is always a pleasure to watch. Great checker players are always analyzing checker moves and strategies, maintaining old friendships, and sharing frustrations that they experience when playing checkers. The selected quotes and zone humor are meant to educate and/or entertain.

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