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Quotes (1/4/97)
boycott> hi leo
lardhead> which one is the best player ?
llion> Richard Fortman's monographs called Basic Checkers are good, but they are not instructional
llion> Hi
lardhead> how is the best way to learn to play checkers?
spiritgirl> hmm....*scratches her head*
spiritgirl> find good people to leo...:))
llion> play good players and study basic lines
spiritgirl> basic lines like the cross:))
lardhead> i have a few books, but i don't know what the basic lines are?
llion> for go-as u please
lardhead> there is so much, i don't know where to start
llion> its a problem nowadays
llion> Fortman's Basic Checkers is a good summary
llion> He is also a good man to ask, since he has an extensive library
lardhead> i don't have that
llion> get it
lardhead> study all of it, memeorize it or what
llion> UNDERSTAND it
llion> learn the ideas by trying all the alternatives
llion> its not easy
Zone chat.hehehe
atuck> cant c thru this
wgober> me either it is confusing as heck
scrat> glad im not playing :)
gloc> Atuck is tuff on the crazy cross
atuck> too convoluted
wgober> i know but i have to do the best i can anyway
atuck> we both may be in a loss.hehe
wgober> i don't see nothin else to do
wgober> sure wish i hadn't bad mouthed this before my lesson on it, hehe
atuck> hehe
atuck> wayne ask ,why wud i play cc when there was no chance to win
wgober> hehe, i ain't messed with it much cause i figured black had to play uphill all the way
dachs> i asked the same question wayne
gloc> atuck against my line do you think there are winning chances?
atuck> a few but not as many as this
atuck> your line is best
wgober> other than you having a loose king, do you see anything wrong with this?
atuck> i've got to stay out of his traps
wgober> what traps
atuck> i didnt play this well
wgober> i don't want to play it again then, i can't stand no better play wgober> hehe
gloc> wayne he wants to win them all dont he ?
wgober> yep
thisiscrazy> no lill, but I think you're about to tell it
lill> seems they all ended up in a bar one night..the texan...a little drunk asked the bartender for a bottle of tequilla. He poped the top took a swig and threw the bottle in the air...pulled out a pistol and shot the bottle...spewing tequilla everywhere...
thisiscrazy> aint that nice
lill> well the crowd in the bar was dismayed and asked why he did it,, the texan replied we got lots of tequila where i come from. The californina not to be out done ordered a bottle of wine. Popped the cork..and then took his swig..threw the bottle in the aire and pulled out a silver pistol...shot the bottle and spewed wine all over. Again the dismayed the patrons asked why?? He replied where I come from we have so much wine it does not matter. The oregonian..*smile*....orderes a henrys..(local beer)...pops the top. Swigs the beer tosses the bottle in the air... pulls out a pistol and shoot the californian...and catches the bottle. The crowd shocked...ask whoa ...why did ya do that??
boycott> hehe
lill> the oregonian replys..where I come from we have pleny of californians and I need to recycle that bottle....
boycott> hehe
lill> heheheheheeheh....this was fittin for the crowd here..hahahahha
thisiscrazy> this seems a bit slanted in orgonian favor to me
lill> welllllll *smile*
lill> it's the truth!
boycott> well...the californian..goes to the compost pile
lill> Ta Dah!
lill> well we do have lots of you folks here..
boycott> ta dah
lill> where did you ta dah!
thisiscrazy> don't be ta doing that
boycott> nieghbor moved to klamath falls...less taxes and job either
lill> well k falls is not a very...exciting town... unless you work for cell tech..hahahahah
boycott> nope...only if you like ducks...
llion> looking for 29-25?
omo> well, it is hard for a blind fellow to see that far
llion> at least u know the numbers
omo> I really thought you might go 30-25 then I may have tried 10-14
llion> i saw that!
omo> yes, I figured you did
omo> what worries me is what am I going to do after my last waiting move??
llion> punt
omo> I wish I could
akgal12> is everyone over the age of 15
boycott> i think so
atuck> i've got underwear older than that
akgal12> well bye
gloc> that was a good one atuck.. i am still laughing
lateshow> i have a lot of trouble with endgame u may win yet
lateshow> gimme a break i still have a headache from playing oldpro last nite
huyi> u have position right now..
huyi> lol late...he very tough isn't he..hehe
dblcrner> wcc prices etc
edtrice> $35 = silver $65 = gold
dblcrner> when ship?
edtrice> You know the difference between the versions?
edtrice> Gold has the 6 piece database (2.5 billion)
edtrice> Silver only has 148 million
edtrice> Gold Ships May 1 if ordered by 3/15
edtrice> Slver Ships March 15 is ordered by 2/15
edtrice> for all the info
edtrice> please announce that Cornell is dead, OK?
dgreen> we got a draw anyway hehe.
jbyrns> well we learned something tonite
dgreen> we play friendly checkers hehe
jbyrns> yea & i enjoy it too
dgreen> not like omo and atuck hehe.
jbyrns> yea
omo> dave, this is the first time I can run my modem wide open
dgreen> and boycott
jbyrns> hehe
dgreen> omo are you ready to let me win my first game time to pay the piper.
omo> why sure dave-how many do you want to win tonight?
dgreen> hehe.
omo> you name it Dave and it will be done
dgreen> glad you like ther new service.
omo> oh, indeed I do!!!
dgreen> nice to be able to get on when you want
omo> my, it is like going from hell to heaven
dgreen> john we will see you tomorrow night thanks for beating me tonight.
jbyrns> got to go c u fellows later
skrubit> why u sic these masters on me u know i'm just a minor player
atuck> hehe
llion> i'm very rusty
skrubit> i have a hard enuf time with u and wayne
atuck> hehe
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to be continued... :)
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